You are not interested enough in social networks to follow several hundred riders, team managers, technicians and teams, but you do not like to miss any of the little stories that animate MotoGP, the WorldSBK  and the other categories? This new daily section  is made for you, early in the morning, to start the day well while waiting for more substantial but sometimes less unusual articles!


  • Touching your helmet, beating your chest, kissing your machine, etc. Discover the rituals of the riders on the 2024 MotoGP grid in this compilation which brings them to light. Perhaps you have already noticed some of them?

  • Miguel Oliveira's motto revealed in this new series of video clips.

  • While yesterday, Tech3 put you to the test regarding your knowledge of their pilots, this time it is the pilots themselves who test their mutual knowledge of the other. Do Pedro Acosta and Augusto Fernandez really know each other?

  • “It would be bad not to get to 30 hours of cycling per week, right? » Aleix Espargaro will go all the way to complete his record week.


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