Once Loris Baz returned to France after his misadventures suffered on the Road Atlanta circuit where the first round of the Superbike championship took place MotoAmerica, we met him on the Carole circuit, where he stopped by to meet his great friend Jérémy Guarnoni who was refining the settings of the Yamaha R1 with which he is competing in the French FSBK championship.

The opportunity was too good not to ask a few questions to the two friends, and today we start with Loris Baz, in good shape despite a very swollen foot and a limping gait...

Loris, after the weekend at Road Atlanta, you returned to France. Have you had any additional tests, and how are you doing? 
“Yes, I came back a little faster than expected, precisely because I was injured and I had appointments that I absolutely couldn't move for my visa. So I went through Paris to have my visa redone, and I took the opportunity to take an x-ray which I sent to my surgeon who has been following me since I had my first foot accident in 2016, and who Elsewhere wrote to me just after the accident on Instagram: he was the one who said to me “Okay, I suppose I’ll reserve a slot for you?” (laughs). On the radio, they didn't see anything, but I sent it to him and for him there is a fracture, but it seems stable. Tomorrow I take another exam. I'm doing a scan to see exactly, to know if I need to stop weight bearing for 2 or 3 weeks until the next race for it to heal, or if I can on the contrary depending on the damage it causes. there is on the ligaments, put some support. DonThat's it, I'll see after the scan, and so I'm doing well considering the fall. Afterwards, it sucks that it happens like that and that it's once again on that foot, even if it's better that it's the right foot than the left foot. I always try to see the positive but for sure I didn’t think a fall like that was going to happen to me in my career.” 

Yeah, because we saw the images: you were hit from behind, you fell, you slid for a long time then you ended up in the wall, anyway... 
“Yes, frankly I was very, very scared because it may have lasted a second, but in my head it lasted 10 seconds. I really had the feeling of the impact, of falling, and from the moment I was on the ground, I immediately saw that I was sliding to the left and I saw the wall coming. And I do everything, in fact, to try to remove this inertia which takes me into the wall, and to turn into the other. And actually, I think I can hit the wall with my feet and not my head, fortunately. But the impact, already in itself, I'm lucky not to have anything about the impact, because the impact was very, very violent, and afterward the impact in the wall was violent too. So I very well could have re-destroyed my foot, shin and all. My whole leg is blue, I have the wheel mark on my boot, so I’m doing well.” 

How quickly did it happen? 
"I do not know exactly. It's not very very fast, but we pass the finish line at a little over 200 km/h, then we cut, we don't brake eh, but we relieve ourselves. We quickly lose speed and I must have still been 100 or 120, and he must have been 200 behind. Actually, I don't know what happened, I don't know if he didn't see the checkered flag. In the United States, we have the white flag at the start of the last lap and the checkered flag at the finish. And maybe he didn't see the white flag, that he thought that the checkered flag was the white flag when looking at his panel, because on the video you really see that he is in his bubble and he crashes into me. So yes, there was a big difference in speed, and to have nothing of the impact is already the most positive thing.” 

He went to the hospital and you didn't have time to talk? 
“No, he wrote to me to apologize, and he’s a good guy and he’s a good driver. That's it, there's no problem. There would be no point in making a controversy: it happened, we are doing well, we could be the two deaths. There you go, we're doing well. He's not doing as well as me and I hope he recovers quickly, because he still has some big injuries. I think he has 3 broken vertebrae, a broken wrist, a broken foot, so he's not coping as well as me. But yeah, there’s no point in making controversies, and the important thing is that we manage to recover quickly.” 

Okay, so now let's talk a little about this first race weekend in the USA this year. Obviously, we're not going to talk about the second race because it's already great that you managed to do it in this state, but from what you saw during the first, does it correspond to what you were you waiting, or were there small adaptation problems? 
“No, we didn’t really have a problem. Afterwards, I was not in the rhythm to play for victory and I felt it very quickly during the weekend. We haven't driven all winter and we haven't done any testing. We only did one test at Barber where it was a day of driving 3 days before, with a lot of bikes on the track. And so there you have it, I hadn't ridden a racing bike for a long time and I had to get my bearings again. The bike has still changed quite a bit since 2021 in terms of sensations, and so even if I immediately found myself comfortable on a bike that I like, I have to get back into racing rhythm. So we worked, and we have to find the basis of settings that suits us. We saw that Josh was immediately very, very fast from Friday with his base from last year, we still need to find our adjustment base. We made good progress from Friday to Saturday, and Josh also helped me a lot since we rode a lot together. SO. So the objective of the race, we talked about it a lot with everyone, was to finish the race, to score as many points as possible and to regain some sensations. There was a month after the premiere for us to analyze all that and find a basis for adjustments in Barber. So it was frustrating because it's a circuit that I love, where I almost won in 2021, and in fact since I didn't really finish far from winning, I think I finished 5 seconds or so, I think it could have ultimately been a really positive weekend in terms of accounting if there hadn't been this clash. Afterwards, the 2nd round, it was really survival, but it was still frankly a good weekend considering how it went, to leave with 19 points I think, while frankly, on Sunday morning, the 2nd round , the person didn't believe I was going to do it. So it saved furniture, and that's what we've rarely been able to do in 2021 in this kind of weekend, to be able to finish the races and score points. In 2021 we started the first weekend with zero. So there you have it, we're going to say that this is the weekend where we had to agree to perform and score points. And from Barber, I hope that I will have found a better feeling, even if it is a circuit where historically the Ducati has always struggled. But I don't see any reason not to go fast there, because it's a circuit which is very European, we'll say: there are no bumps, no holes. I think we should be able to find solutions there. Now, the objective is above all to recover physically and to arrive at Barber at 100%.” 

Thanks to you. There's a new Vlog in preparation for ? 
“Yes, it's done, it's almost finished, but I haven't started putting it together, so it will arrive. It will arrive within ten days, I have to work on it with Franck, but yes, it’s happening, it’s happening.” 

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