Miguel Oliveira

As the end of his contract with TrackHouse Racing approaches, Miguel Oliveira finds himself at a crossroads, without insurance for 2025. According to the PecinoGP YouTube channel, run by the famous Spanish journalist Manuel Pecino, the Portuguese driver could well be one of the keys of the current transfer market in MotoGP.

Antonio López, regular commentator of PecinoGP, says that the number 88 is highly coveted by many teams who still have places available. Everything would therefore depend on the decisions ofOlive tree himself. “ He has the possibility of going to several factory teams, he has the possibility of being on a motorcycle next year which allows him to fight for the championship. And at the moment it depends on him because I think that all the available places, everyone wants Oliveira. Or at least all manufacturers – except KTM, which is completely closed,” López explains.

Particularly, Honda could harbor a strong desire to secure Olive tree. " But at Aprilia, he would have a place, with Yamaha he would have a place at Ducati he would have a place. And above all, at Honda, who suddenly seems to consider it the only possibility at the moment,” adds López, emphasizing the flexibility and attractiveness of Miguel Oliveira on the market.


« Aprilia inevitably needs Miguel Oliveira and must convince him not to change sides »

For its part, Manuel Pecino maintains thatAprilia could consider Olive tree as an essential element, especially with the departures ofAleix Espargaro and Maverick Vinales. “ In my opinion, Aprilia inevitably needs Miguel Oliveira and must convince him not to change sides. Because three of the four riders who know the bike are leaving, and what remains is a rookie who has been in the category for a few years but still did not perform. How can they let Miguel go? Who is fast, knows the bike, losing Aleix Espargaró who goes to Honda, losing Maverick Viñales,” says Pecino.

Pecino adds on motorcyclesports that for the development ofAprilia, everything must be focused on Miguel Oliveira. " All these problems that existed – exhaust problems, gearbox problems. It's over, give the right bike to Miguel. They need it,” he concludes.

As the transfer market intensifies, Miguel Oliveira finds himself in a strategic position, capable of choosing his future among several attractive options, each offering unique opportunities, while he does not particularly stand out for his amazing results...

PecinoGP and the future of Miguel Oliveira: 'Todos os que estão livres o querem; This is a unique possibility for a Honda.